Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Last 13th of December, our block decided to have a Christmas party at Susanna Heights, Muntinlupa. Some of us cannot come because they have other   plans with their family. So we went there, not complete.  ( at Susanna Heights Clubhouse) 

We arrived there at around 2 in the afternoon, just in time for the start of our party. We didn't really have a party-party like of event but, we celebrated it just the  way we liked it. One of the parents of my block mate offered to bring us Carbonara so we have something to eat. It tastes so good because it has melted cheese on top, yummmmmm!!! Some of our block mates also bought some thing to drink. And drink, not water or soda but alcoholic beverages! So they bought 2 bottles with different brands of Vodka. They also bought cherries and apple juice and some other fruits to mix it with the beverage. And it was my first time to taste a Vodka, and wow it tastes so good! Well, i didn't really thought it would be that good! 

Our block really had fun not only because of the drinks, food and pool; but, we also enjoyed singing!!! Our block loves singing so much. Our block is also fond of taking lots of photos together.

That day was like one of the best memories we had this year. We enjoyed staying with each others company, we also had the time to be close to our other block mates. That day was the best! And I hope it will happen again!

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