Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top and Skirt from Landmark / Watch from Festival Mall / BFF Bracelet from Claire's

Last night, we celebrated the other wonderful and beautfiul event of the year, New Year's Eve! Basically, for me, it's like a normal day with a noisy environment with fireworks in the sky. Maybe its because I wasn't that excited until the clock striked 30 minutes before 12! 

The way we celebrted New year's eve, was just like a normal day because my mom used to cook lots of food even if there's no occasion, me and my sister used to play songs with a really high volume, but even if i find it simple and just a normal day, it's still kind of different, just cause a new year is coming! We may feel so happy and excited, but something's still missing and that's cause my dad isn't with us to celebrate another year coming our way, but he's there in US to work and give us a better future. He didn't forget to called us inspite of his very hectic schedule, he called to greet us a happy new year and told us how he loves us so much!! I miss him so bad and there are still 3 1/2 months until he arrive and have his vacation. 

Around 3 or 4 pm we already started preparing the table where we will place the food 

New Year's Eve was fun!!! Even if there's something in me that's missing, hopefully next year, we got the chance to celebrate it with our Dad.... Hoping 2014 will bring better outcomes, opportunities and best memories that i will surely treasure and keep as I grew older. I also hope 2014 brings hope, peace, and love to everyone! Before I finally end this, I would like to greet everyone a Happy New year from me and my family. Take care and enjoy!!! Love love love ❤❤❤

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