Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Someone turned 16 today!!!! I kind of not used to saying 16 as my age because i was so used to saying 15.. 

Moving on, this day turned out so simple yet amazing! This is one of the birthdays that feels just like an ordinary day but, people are greeting and wishing you to have a very happy birthday! 

I'm so happy because a lot of people greeted and made an effort to put up a smile on my face! I'm so thankful to receive another year to live. I feel so blessed for having those people who spent my special day with me and letting me feel so special even just for today ❤ 

Even a simple Happy Birthday from anyone can make me smile because they just remembered the special day of my life!! Some of my block mates spent the day with me at Greenbelt. We had so much fun talking, window shopping, eating and laughing!! When we were at J.Co it seems like it's really literal... SWEET 16 because a friend of mine, gave me a cupcake and i bought 3 different doughnuts for us to eat! 

Another year older... I will try to be more patient, understanding and improve the bad attitude I used to do. 


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