Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Being a college student really differs from what school you are studying and what course you are taking. I am taking a business course major in marketing management. At first, I never liked it because that's not the course I've always wanted, but because my parents were the one who decided for me, I have no choice but to agree and to take that course instead.

Well, just like some of us, I was scared that no one will be my friend, but surprisingly, the block I belong to just perfectly suits me, maybe it's because our attitudes and characteristics really matches each another. Having them as my block mates is really far from what I've expected, based from what I knew, but it turns out really well. Our block is really close to each other, we are all united and I'm so glad that even though you won't be with your close friends among your block, you won't feel so alone or left behind because everyone has the welcoming spirit and they will really let you feel you're one of them. I'm so thankful to meet all of them as my new set of friends, and as I entered a new door in my life. College may be tough and very challenging, but I'm pretty sure that there will be people around you who will help, inspire and encourage you to do everything you can and people who will be there as you ride the roller coaster of your life.

As of now, this semester is harder compared to the first semester, because we got to do things that had never done in the history of our school yet, like organizing the recent event called Velocity 2014 making thesis individually, and before you have your summer vacation, we also need to defend it on our own with four judges who will ask you about the topic or research you accomplished. Aside from the individual thesis, we also have a group research paper wherein Natural Science is webbed with English, in the said research project, which is more hassle than the individual thesis because we need to perform the experiment first and we also need to be judged by three-four judges.

This semester might be harder than the first one, but I'm pretty sure that the coming semesters will be harder and even though we've been experiencing sleepless nights and having eyebags; I know that what we're experiencing right now will be the easiest and simplest semester ever, and this may be a good training ground for everyone because we've got to experience something worth the struggle.

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