Sunday, March 16, 2014

Yesterday, March 15, me and my friends had our NSTP immersion at San Antonio Valley 1, Paranaque City. When we arrived the place, we don't know what to do because we're not sure on what are the things that we are supposed to be doing. Good thing, a friend of my block mate is a part of the said event so we were a bit guided. Me and my friends thought that we'll be teaching kids, but sad to say it's already their graduation day yesterday, so we wasn't able to teach them anything. Their graduation is different from the regular graduations we all know, because their graduation is filled with dancing, singing and praising the Lord. The owners and volunteers of the said school, was all Couples for Christ members so they were really religious in all ways. So a young lady approached our row and told us that we'll be dancing. When she left, me and my friends were so shocked and it makes us want to leave the place already because we're so shy. After 30 minutes, the host called the Youth for Christ members and volunteers, so we stand up and went in front with the other volunteers, so me and my friends decided to take the back place so we can't be that seen. So we danced like we know the steps and acted as if we were members for a long time. After dancing, we can't stop laughing and felt so ashamed of what we did because we think that what we did wasn't enough for our immersion. But it was good to know that everyone enjoyed watching us and we enjoyed it as well. 

The event was so fun and I learned a lot of things while we were seated like; "If we put God on the center of our lives, we don't need to worry about anything" ,  "We should just do our part and let God do the rest." 

((with Kathleen Marquez and Christine Em))

After attending the graduation of the kids of the different communities, we then went to The Fort for our next immersion. The said immersion at The Fort is not a regular school, but they are teaching street children from different places how to dance, how to sing, how to play different instruments and how to build their confidence and self-esteem.

When it was about to start, we thought that we're only going to watch them sing, dance or play instruments, but then we were asked what we would like to do. So three of us (Me, Cla and Danica) chose to have dance lessons. While my other block mates (Royce, Agatha, Tin, Audrey E, Audrey C, China, Diana and Kat) joined the singing lessons. So we were given 3 hours to learn or teach those kids with what we know, but it seems like the kids will be the one who will teach us what they've learned.

I also had short talks with my group mates, and as far as I can remember  from our talk yesterday, the youngest member of the class was 10 years old. Some of them had been a member of the said class for 4 years already and they are all so happy being a part of it. They also join contests and even perform on nearby places.

While we were watching those kids perform, we are all so amazed because they really showed their passion for what they are doing and the leaders of the class, really did a great job for raising the good attitude and self-confidence of those kids.

 ((was with Clarisse Amiths, Royce Aquino, Audrey Carreon, Diana Catoc, Christine Em, Audrey Eugenio, Kathleen Marquez, Bianca Penalba, Agatha Romance, Danica San Juan and China Villanueva))

It was a very tiring but fun day it was yesterday!! Even though it was required, ALL of US still want to COME BACK AGAIN THIS SUMMER, and continue the things we've started. It turned our really fine and I even told my mom and sister about it they felt it was really fun and joining the FREE CLASS would mean so much to anyone. 

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