Wednesday, April 2, 2014

This summer, our family went to Boracay to have our yearly outing. Well at first, I really don't believe my mom when it comes to planning because whenever she says we'll go here or there, it never really happen. So our Boracay get away started during Valentine's Day. She texted me that I should come home early because I need to take good care of my younger sister because she will be going somewhere else, the first that came into my mind was "Why would she leave the house during Valentine's without me and my sister? It's very unfair!!!" and when I finally got home, my sister told me that my mom left already, so I texted my mom that I'm home already and so on. So it was like 9:30 in the evening already and she's not yet home, so I flooded her inbox saying "Where are you? We'll be sleeping any moment now...." then after 30-40 minutes, my mom arrived. So I gave her my Valentine's gift and asked her where she went, while I was looking at her she seems so happy, then she told us "WE'LL BE GOING TO BORACAY THIS SUMMER" and we're all like "oh my god, are you serious?" then she showed us the ticket. 

Our flight to Boracay was last March 25, 8:10 in the morning. So we prepared our things 2-3 days before our trip. When March 25 finally came, I'm just so excited because ((no joke)) it will be my first time to ride an airplane (what a loser right?) it was only me in our family who haven't tried riding an airplane before, so I was so curious about what would it feel to ride an airplane. When we arrived the airport, my parents and my sister are teasing me that "Uy first time niya.." and I'm like "Shhhh, wag nga kayong maingay!' then they keep on laughing and they keep on taking photos of me while walking and while waiting for our flight. 

When we are called to go to the gates already for our boarding, I feel more excited and I don't know but I don't feel so nervous at all. When we are about to approach the airplane, mom took lots of photos of me and my sister even if some of the shots were blurred. I was the one who entered the airplane first and looked for our seat number. I go straight to our seat and told my sister that I'll be the on who'll be sitting next to the window so I can see what it looks like up above. So I took some photos of the clouds and the wing of the airplane. Riding an airplane was like riding a bus, except for the fact that my ear kind a hurt when we're up above. The airplane trip only lasted for 43 minutes and we arrived at the Kalibo Airport. 

From there, we then ride a van and it will bring us to Katiklan wherein we'll be riding a boat going to Boracay. The trip going to Katiklan lasted for almost 2 hours, while the boat ride lasted for 15 minutes. When we are about to reach Boracay, the water from the sea surprisingly splashed on our faces and on our bags and everyone on the boat was so shocked and laughed at it instead. All I thought that when we went down the boat, it's aready the cottage where we are about to stay, but no, we still need to ride a van or a tricycle to reach our final destination. So we just chose a tricycle because it's just the 4 of us. After 15 minutes of travelling from the end of the boat ride, we finnally reached our cottage; La Carmela de Boracay. The place was kind of relaxing and very calm to look at but there are lots of people waiting in the lobby and while I was studying their faces, they all look so tired maybe because of the trip they had. 

We'll be staying in Boracay for 3 days and 2 nights. So when we finally arrived our room, we ate our lunch first and rested for 2 hours before we go swimming and walk around the beach. Our first day in Boracay was fun and kind of disappointed because there are a lot of moss on the water. We had our dinner at Andok's because me and my sister isn't fond of eating seafood that time. 

Second day in Bora, I so love how the trees, the water and the white sand match each other. We woke up early so we can eat our breakfast and go swimming already. Bora is really a nice place where you can unwind and run away from the noise and stress in the city. What I love the most in Boracay is that no one cares on what you're wearing not like in the city or in other places. We walked around Bora to find where we can eat our lunch and.... we ended up eating at McDonald's. Had our dinner at Andok's again because to be honest, we're too lazy to walk.  

Aghhhh, last day!!!! We woke up extra early that day, and had a buffet breakfast again at La Carmela. The weather condition in Boracay that morning wasn't that good but in the afternoon, it was freaking hot. We left the hotel at around 2 in the afternoon and traveled 3 hours again back to Kalibo Airport. We had our dinner at a small eatery near the airport. All of us feel so tired, bored and sleepy already because our flight back to Manila will be at 10:40 in the evening so we have no choice to wait there outside, good thing it's very windy that night. 

When we are on the plane back to Manila, it was very very nice up there, we can see how bright each and every places at night. So happy that we had a very cozy and relaxing atmosphere on the plane and we only traveled for like 40 minutes. 

Going to such wonderful places will always be a very fun and memorable experiences for a first-timer like me. Boracay will always be one of my favorite beaches I've ever went to and I won't forget how beautiful that place is. 

Day 1 

Day 2 

Day 3 



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