Monday, May 19, 2014

Last month, I've been so productive because of the different events that we celebrated and my cousin stayed here for a week so she helped me and my sister to beat how boring our summer life is. This month of May, we don't have any plans of going somewhere else beside from the fact of going to church every Sunday and going to different malls around the metro. So to save myself from how boring my month of May is, here are some of the things that somehow saved me from the boredom i feel every single day. 

Basically, the book's entitled Don't sweat the small stuff because it helps readers of any age (especially when you reach your teenage years) to handle different situations we will encounter. This book was given to me last year by a very close friend of mine and the reason why he gave it to me because he thinks that I'm always stressed and don't have any time to relax my mind and body. When I started reading this book last year, it helped me improved my attitude and how I respond to different situations plus, the book taught me how to be able to do things without stressing myself. I'm reading this book again this summer because I guess I'm not that patient again and I've been stressing myself too much from all the situations I've encountered on the past days. 

I really recommend this to teenagers like me and to other people of different ages to read this because it would really help improve our personality, our patience and how we handle and respond to different situations we will encounter sooner or later. 

My Starbucks planner and colored pens. I'm so thankful that my friend, Clarisse gave me her 2014 planner from Starbucks because she knows I love writing down every thing I'm feeling and she knows that I love making doodles as well. My planner doesn't literally looked like a planner because I guess it's more of a journal book and a doodle book. I seldom write my plans on my planner, I'm more of letting everything out by writing and drawing when I have no one to talk to about what I'm feeling. 

Besides from buying clothes, accessories, shoes and bags; whenever I go shopping, I never forget to buy a colored pen every time because I'm so so into colored pens because I use it for making doodles or writing on my journal and making other craft. *some of the colored pens i have*

This is the one of my best ways to save myself from the boredom I'm feeling... making a doodle!! I've been making doodles since I was in second year high school but it wasn't that as good as the doodles I'm doing recently. The line "give me that old school love right now" is from a song of Lupe Fiasco's Old school love. 

While this line's from Icona Pop's song entitled Girlfriend. 

Listening to music!! I'm pretty sure everyone loves to listen to their favorite music on the radio or on their phones or on their iPod and playing it for at least 100 times a day. My favorite songs at the moment are One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer's song. 

Me and my sister, Bea is currently addicted to making different loom bracelets and charms lately. This loom bracelet is made up of loom bands, and it comes with different colors. It's so addicting that any one can make it because its as easy as one, two and three. 

 Looms are perfect for any outfit also, but of course you need to base the color of the bracelet on what you're wearing. These crazy loom bracelets can add a bit of spice to anyone's out fit because even my parents' wear these also. 

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