Sunday, June 22, 2014

I haven't updated my blog for three weeks because I've been doing a lot of school related works plus, I just got into an "accident" lately. Now, i finally had a spare time to at least update you and my blog as well. I'll be updating you guys with what I've been doing lately, a new post every Saturday and I'll also include the said "accident" of mine. 

I feel better now after a week of recovering from the said accident. The accident I had happened here in our house, in my parents' room to be exact. Before I finally start this story, I want you all to know that this accident was told by my sister after my operation. So here it goes, I woke up immediately ran through my parents' room to get something, then suddenly, I feel dizzy and then my right arm hit the wall near the cabinet so I went out of balance and my vision is starting to turn black so probably I can't see anything. The wall is near the door...... so my face hit the door frame. The only thing I remembered after hitting the wall was that I'm holding my forehead and my nose because I felt the pain even if I blacked out. Then, there's blood flowing on my forehead and on the part near my nose and lips as well. My sister saw everything, so she started calling my mom and I really cried when I finally got my vision back. I saw blood all over the floor and on my hands.

Fast forward, I had five stitches on my forehead and a stitch near the nose-lips part of my face. All in all I had six stitches. I also had lots of wounds and bruises all over my body as if like someone tried to kill me. Until now, I just can't believe that it all happened to me. Even if I had an "accident" I'm still so thankful because the cut wasn't too deep and that I didn't have any brain complications or what. And I've learned a lesson to always be careful because you'll never know what might happen. It's better to do things slowly and surely than, rushing things and not doing it properly. 

My accident happened last week, June 14, 9 AM, and the thread was removed just this Thursday; June 19. Everyone was so concerned about what happened to me especially my relatives. My relatives visited me the day after I had my accident. My dad which is in US and my relatives from Japan can't stop worrying about me because they can't believe that it all happened to me. 

Anyway, enough with the accident, I've really been so busy in school lately because I'm taking lots of subjects this semester and all in all I have 29 units to take, so I really need to focus on my studies first before blogging and doing other things. It's the third week of school and i feel like it already lasted for like three months because of the list of things that I need to accomplish. Plus, my schedule is really fully loaded everyday except during Wednesday's because I don't have classes. 

Moving on, I've been planning about this new post of mine even before school starts, but because of the ups and downs I had lately, I didn't have enough time to start the new post. So the concept of my new post is that I'll be sharing with you guys the outfit I wore to school every Saturday. Yes, I have Saturday classes I know it sucks and it's very hassle but we don't have any choice so we'll just go with it. Anyway, the new post will be called
I just can't wait to start posting my outfits every Saturday and have photo shoots with my block mates. I'm really so excited and can't wait til Saturday!!!! This post is really long so I'll be ending this already and I hope you're as excited as me and I do hope you've learned a lesson about my "accident" take care guys!!! :-) 

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