Saturday, June 28, 2014

Denim Jacket from Japan / Black Inner from Forever 21 / Bandage Skirt from Landmark / Flats from Parisian 

So basically, this is my first entry for my new post every Saturday entitled Sassy Saturday. 
I'm pretty sure some of you are wondering why I'm wearing a denim jacket even if it's kind of hot and it's not that rainy yet, because I don't feel well today. But still, even if I don't feel well; I did my best to pose and smile in front of the camera. 

Me and my block mate was so happy while having our "photo shoot" in school because there are a lot of places or backgrounds wherein we can take lots of outfit shots to be posted on Instagram or in other social sites. 

Even if my Saturday schedule is very fully loaded, I still find time to take a picture of what I'm wearing.

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