Sunday, June 29, 2014

I've mentioned on my last post that I had an outfit shoot with my block mates yesterday and because of that..... I also want to share with you how my friends love dressing up as well. 

Top from Forever 21 / Skirt from Janda clothing / Flats from Little things she needs 

Clarisse has almost the same outfit just like mine because we're both wearing a black and white bandage skirt. *plain over print.* I love how she matched a Pastel colored top with a printed skirt. I find her outfit so classy to look at.

Next, Shayne! I love how she pulled out an outfit that would perfectly fit her and her attitude. 

Top from Vans / Pants from The Landmark / Shoes from Bench 

Shayne is one of my friends who dress so simple but still looks so pretty with it. I also love how she folded her pants and tucked in her shirt and I think that's one of the perfect combinations if you're going to wear a loose shirt and pants. 

Agatha, looks so cute with her navy blue polka dotted dress that looks so feminine and innocent. 

Dress from Forever 21 / Shoes from Payless

Even if she's not used to having her outfit shoots just like these, she still smiled and did her best to pose and still look confident on what she's wearing. 

Last but not the least, Tin! I find her outfit too bubbly and girly to look at, maybe it's because of the skirt and vintage necklace she's wearing. 

Vest from Crissa / Black inner from Lacoste / Skirt from Germany /Flats from Gibi

Just like Agatha, Tin isn't used to having outfit shots as well. So me and Clarisse, tried convincing her to do some poses and luckily, she did it!

I enjoyed describing my friends' outfit with you guys and I hope you would find some inspirations on what they wore and I'm looking forward to have outfit shots with my other block mates as well. 

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