Friday, June 6, 2014

It's back-to-school season again for most of us and in this post it's pretty obvious that I'll be showing you guys, what's in my bag. As you can see on the photo below, that I have my binder, Starbucks planner, wet wipes, first aid kit, pink transparent envelope, wallet and a small floral purse. I'll be showing you guys, what's inside of each purse/envelope and what's my purpose for bringing it to school. 

The first thing I'll show you is my Aztec binder, Starbucks planner and a transparent pink envelope.

I'm a college student that's why I'm using a binder instead of notebooks. I'm so in love with Aztec printed stuff that's why I bought this last semester. Plus, it's very colorful and it really helps me to be awake in most times. // Binder from National Bookstore

My Starbucks planner!! Actually this planner serves as my journal and a doodle notebook rather than a regular planner. And like what I've read from a notebook cover "Always keep a notebook handy, you never know when inspiration will strike." 

Pink transparent envelope. This is where I place my extra feelers, pens, index cards and papers. // Envelope from National Bookstore

I always have two-three extra feelers placed inside my envelope for sometimes our professors let us use two different feelers for his or her subject. I also have two extra pens that I can lend my block mates whenever they need a pen. I'm using a Pilot G-tec pen but this Faber Castell ball pens is used when the thing I'm writing isn't that important. Well, the small notebook in-between the feelers and the index card is my extra notebook wherein I place how much I spent because I'm a very forgetful person and sometimes I thought I've lost my money even if I just spent it buying something. // Feeler, Ball pens and Index cards all from National Bookstore. Small notebook from Japan. 

Pink wallet. Well of course, everyone has a wallet inside their bag *lol* I prefer using a long wallet rather than small or medium-sized ones because I don't want my money to be crumpled and I also want all of the pictures and other memorabilia to be placed properly inside my wallet. // Wallet from SM Department Store

First aid kit. I always bring a first aid kit wherever I go because you'll never know when accidents and stupidity will happen. Well actually in my first aid kit, I also placed other things that a girl really needs. 

One of the most important thing of my first aid kit and one of the most important thing that each girl needs, a sanitary napkin and liners. I guess I don't need to explain why I  have this, right? ((HAHAHAHA)) 

Shampoo and Soap! I have this because if there will be times that you need to wash your hair or if you have something to wash then it's just right to bring a small soap and a shampoo.

Wet and Dry tissue and a clean hanky. // Wet wipes from Japan home centre

Nasal strips, Katinko, antibiotics and analgesic balm. These things helps in any situation. For the nasal strips, would help you breathe properly if you have colds or other illnesses that's connected to breathing. Analgesic balm and Katinko is used for any muscular pain just like cramps or sprain. The small sachets of antibiotics is used for wounds. 

Bobby pins, nail cutter and elastics. Some of the girly stuff my friends used to use. 

Small floral purse. This is where I place my rosary, usb, house key and extra hair tie. Rosary is important for me because it guides and protects me as I leave our house. I guess I don't need to explain what's the purpose of bringing a usb and a house key. Bringing an extra hair tie is somehow important to me because it helps me to look stylish whenever I would tie my hair. 

Now that I shared the things I placed inside my bag this back-to-school season, I'm hoping to hear what's on your bag too! 

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