Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This post is entitled Unusual Wednesday because our block doesn't have classes every Wednesday, but sad to say......... we're required to go to school today for we are going to take our second guidance test. 

Top from Bottomline / Pants from Bazaar / Bag from The Ramp / Watch from Fendi / Shoes from Converse

My top looks familiar right? Well, I've worn it once and it was during the debut of my friend. Some of you won't be able to notice that I've worn it already because I love mix and matching everything so it would look new.

I paired my haltered top with my new shoes which my mom bought recently and with my all time favorite watch. 

Remember the last post I posted? I've mentioned that Agatha isn't used to having outfit shots, but now, look at how she pose and smile at the camera. She just had her debut pictorial just this Sunday, and I guess she learned to make different poses and earned enough confidence to smile and project. 

Top from Cotton On / Pants from Bench / Bag from XoXo / Flats Thrifted

I'm so in love with Agatha's bag!! It's perfect for any type of outfit.

Cla looks so innocent on her top because of the so-called Peter Pan collar. Plus, she have a mini color blocking; thanks to her accessories and to her red flats and bag as well.

Top from Bayo / Pants from The Landmark / Bag from Nine West / Watch from Guess / Glasses from Forever 21 / Ring from Alabang Town Center

Cla wore something that seemed to look so perfect on her. And also, what she's wearing is just enough for how old she is and I love how the glasses matches her outfit as well. 

She also wore some accessories that would help her outfit not to look that simple. 

Another simple outfit of Shayne. Well basically, having our mini photo shoot earlier isn't really planned at all and we just convinced her to join us. 

Top Thrifted / Pants from The Landmark / Shoes from Bench

Shayne is really one of my friends' who dresses so simple and yet still looks so adorable.

Meet China, one of the tallest friends' I've ever had! As far as I know, China isn't into taking outfit shots as well and just like Shayne, China dresses so simple also. 

Top from Terranova / Pants from Levi's / Shoes from Converse / Bag from Aldo

Even if China only wore a loose shirt matched with a classic converse, she still looks so pretty and charming; and you will probably look at her as you walk past her. 

This is one of Tin's outfit that I really adored the most!!! She looks so damn classy with what she's wearing. Plus, I really really love her dress. Yes, it's a dress not a top and skirt.

Dress from Forever 21 / Flats from Gibi / Watch from Anne Klein / Necklace from The Landmark

The necklace really suits her outfit because the dress looks so simple and plain if she won't be wearing an accessory.

The combination of her necklace and watch just looks so perfect on her!!

Diana is one of my friends who is shy whenever we would take outfit shots, but earlier today, she was one of those who insisted to have it taken. 

Denim Polo, Black inner and Leggings all from Forever 21 / Shoes from Vans / Watch from G-Shock / Bag from Gucci

Diana can pull out any outfit that still looks so cute on her. 

One of the favorite outfits that I've seen today!!! She's Danica, our make-up and hair stylist as well. Even if she's wearing an all black attire, she wore something that would contrast it and she used a silver belt to have an accent. 

Midriff Thrifted / Maxi dress from Giordano / Sandals from CLN / Bag from Ross

When we saw her arrive at our meeting place earlier today, we're all shocked because she looks so sexy even without showing too much skin.

I hope these outfits would help you on your next outfit of the day!! 

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