Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sophia Loren once said “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful” this is one of the quotes that I adore the most for it only means that we shouldn't let the society affect its standards on what or how beautiful looks like. We may have different points of view, opinions and perspectives before we can say a girl is beautiful; some of us look at the physical features, while some define it with the kindness a girl is showing. Beautiful have a variety of meaning depending on the person who tries to define it, and as I grew older I've understand what beautiful really is for me.

As I look back on my younger years, I remember myself trying to fit in with the norms and the standards. I’ve tried wearing pretty dresses, putting on some make-up, wearing lovely shoes, working out too much, and not even eating just for me to look beautiful. As I realized now, beautiful isn’t always about looking good all the time, but accepting it and being confident about yourself.

There was a time when I kept telling myself that I’m fat and I can’t be beautiful because that’s what people kept on telling me every time, and until now, some of them still continue to tell me that exact phrase, and as I try to be strong and confident about myself, I’ve learned and realized that I just need to love and accept the whole me because God created me beautifully from His ways.

As I have grown older and mature enough to understand things, I’ve also learned that we don’t need the society to tell us that we are not the definition of beautiful, but instead, live out what beautiful really means to us. I guess we just need to feel good about ourselves and as much as possible not to care about the here says or opinion of other people about us for we are made to be different, unique and stand out in our own little ways.

As a teenager and a girl studying in an exclusive school, all I can say is that sizes, height, races, religion, and skin complexion doesn’t matter, because those are just words that describe all of us and having a lovely smile, enough confidence, positive aura, nice attitude, big heart, being you and believing on your capabilities are the best words that would help us say we are beautiful no matter what. 

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