Thursday, October 9, 2014

My country, the Philippines, gives great respect for its history. From the brave hearts that gave up their lives, the courageous ones that stood for the country’s rights, and the faithful ones that praised the Lord on all times, these were all given honours for doing their duty to the Philippines. Places where historical events took place were preserved and handled for everyone to see and/or experience. Each struggle and accomplishment that the Philippines has been through counts as a significant memory a Filipino should know and should be proud of.  

A trip down the memory lane felt like being in the old days – a world to remember and rediscover. Looking at historical places, statues of great contributors to the country’s history and their works was overwhelming. I was very pleased to see how my country was able to keep these memories in place and have more than just a sneak peak. It was all something I would want to come and visit as much as possible if I weren't a Filipino.

My country’s name is its identity and its history is mine. As I look back to what shaped my country, I realized how our history has kept us grounded. These historical places maintained not just itself but as well as the Filipinos’ identity.  It served us as a reminder of what has brought us Filipinos to where we are and that we should feel proud and thankful for our heroes. These reminders of our great past evolved its meaning to our generation but never lost its true essence and objective – to give respect to the country and the country’s history. A throwback to the old us, to where it all started. We are reminded by these historical places and events to why we’re here and why we’re still here. I am a proud Filipino that honours my country and its history because this is my duty and this is what shapes my identity!

Luneta Park

Fort Santiago 

Manila Cathedral 

Casa Manila Museum


San Agustin Church

Colegio de San Juan de Letran

Paco Park

Aguinaldo Shrine

Dr. Jose Rizal's house

Baptismal Church of Dr. Rizal

Laguna Municipal Hall

Dr. Jose Rizal's statue

© Audrey Carreon // Danica San Juan

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