Saturday, November 29, 2014

People who know me very well would know what I am pertaining here on my latest blog post - its either about food, fashion or on kawaii items. Read more to know what I've loved ever since.....

We had a long break yesterday, so my friends and I strolled around the malls near our school. Oh, how I love studying in Makati- hence the traffic I always experience, I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!!

Our first stop is at Typo. It's a store filled with lots of craft and artsy items that's really worth its price. I just can't take my eyes off on all the notepads, pens and journals that I wanna buy for myself.... I'm really so thankful to have a friend who has the same crazy and cute addiction with all these kawaii items!

When I was a kid, I'm really fond of collecting and buying notepads, journals and pens.... Every time I have an extra money, I would go to a Japanese store called, Clipper and I would buy the cute little colored notepads, and if I don't have money, I would let my parents buy it for me. 

After making our eyes suffer and cry because we weren't able to buy any..... We then went back to school, to take our one hour class in Statistics. Dismissal time, again, we went to a store that caught my attention again..... ARTBOX!!!!!! I've been waiting for forever for that store to open, and finally it was its soft opening!!!! It's also similar to what Typo is selling, but Artbox sell more of notepads and other kawaii cords, umbrellas, bags, hair accessories and etc..  Compared to the selling price of Artbox and Typo, Artbox has cheaper prices.

Artbox is now included on the list of stores that will always have my heart!! #LOL


The photo below might just be the perfect book for all my sketches, yes I do draw sometimes, but I'm not that good though

Their journals comes in different sizes and designs as well.... Aghhh wanna buy everything!!!

I swear that I will really indulge myself soon with the things I'm going to buy on both stores.... So to the people who are planning to give me a gift on Christmas and on my birthday as well, I'm accepting any of these +++ accessories and clothes as well WAHAHAHA kidding

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