Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Finally, a new post of our outfit of the day!!! Actually, this is a planned matching outfit with my girls, except for the fact that four of them wore a solid colored plain shirt.... And my only friend who wore a floral top. Read more to view all the deets!!

So here's a summary pic of my four friends who wore a solid colored shirt and a floral top.

Top & Pants from True Love / Flats from Solemate / Necklace from Anne Klein

To start with, here's Tin who is wearing a sleeveless cropped top partnered with a vintage necklace and high waist pants! Isn't she so simple yet so lovely?

Top from Giordano / Pants from SM Dept. Store / Flats from Solemate

She looks new? Well, she's Kat and basically, this is her first time to be posted on my blog. Actually, a lot of my friends were really shy taking outfit pics maybe because they just don't like it that much compared to me........ Today's really cold even if the sun was too streak this afternoon, so Kat wore a top which is made up of cotton and would help her still feel comfortable with the bipolar weather. 

Top & Jeggings from Uniqlo / Flats from Payless / Necklace from H&M

*Before I finally start telling about what this pretty girl's wearing, I would like to say sorry for choosing the photo on the left..... I was in a rush choosing :( *
Anyway, this girl who's wearing a Black and Dark blue ensemble is China, yes she's my tallest friend!!! Like what I've used to describe her on my old posts, China's one of my friends who always wear simple clothes and yet still looks so beautiful! 

Top from Uniqlo / Jeans from Giordano / Flats from CLN

Last, but not the least, Danica! Danica, can pull off any outfit that can still look good on her even if she lacks confidence sometimes...... She's wearing a basic tee and light washed jeans, oh how cute the combination is!!!!! 

My one only friend who wore a floral top, Royce!!! This is the second time that we had a wow factor on what she's wearing because Royce is the type of girl that always wear Jeans, Sneakers and Basic tees........ but earlier today, she wore a floral top and sandals that made us tease her a bit because she's starting to dress up a little bit different than her usual outfit. 


Top from The Landmark / Jeans from Robinsons Dept. Store / Flats from Payless

Starting this part with, Audrey!!! Audrey's one of my friends whose into color blocking and color matching all the time...... And today, she wore a plaid short sleeves top with a black inner and partnered it with a black flats, so she basically focused on the plaid and let the top be the stand out color on what she's wearing. And to add an accent, she also wore a silver buckled belt, what a cutie!

Top from Giordano / Jeans from The Landmark / Flats from a Local Store in Cavite

Familiar? Yes, she's Cla, my co-frustrated blogger!!! #Lol This outfit really suits her mood today because she's been extra cheerful and blooming just like the flashing colors of her plaid top. I love how I can really see her mood just by looking at her top and the whole outfit really matches her because of how adorable that smile on her face is. 

Top from Guess / Jeggings from Bread n Butter / Shoes from Vans

 Another shy friend of mine, Camille!! I really did pleased her so she can smile and let me took a pic of what she's wearing...... Cam's also a simple and sometimes stylish whenever she's not lazy to dress up. Even if she looks like a kid at the photo, the way she act, speak and decide is already mature enough to know which is right from wrong. #irrelevantcaption

Plaid Top & Inner both from Forever 21 / Jeans from Penshoppe / Shoes from Vans

One of my always on the go friend, Diana! Diana's also a shy girl when it comes to taking outfit pics because she doesn't want us looking at her while she's smiling and posing..... She's also one of my friends whom I really pleased, just to let me took their outfit shots!! This is one of her outfits that really suits her, basically because she's a sneaker type of girl and you'll seldom see her wearing sandals and flat shoes. 

Dress from Robinsons Dept Store / Flats from Solemate / Watch Sandoz Quartoz 

Again, before I start describing her, I wanna clarify that Shayne's wearing a dress, a plaid dress okay? So here it goes, she's wearing a unique green plaid dress and I was shocked to see her earlier because I thought she isn't wearing anything underneath, but surprisingly it was a dress!!! She matched the dress with a white inner and a black flats, and even if it looks so simple to some, I do find it fashionable and cute.

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