Friday, December 19, 2014

Dress from GTW by SM / Bag from Secosana 

Yesterday was a really fun day because of 
1. Paskong Assumptionista 
2. Lots of OOTD shots
3. Strolled around the famous San Lo park
4. Received lots of gifts
5. Had lunch at Burger bar with my girls x  Starbs = CHEAT DAY

I'm so happy to announce that its finally the start of our CHRISTMAS VACATION woohoo!!! I just can't believe how time flies so fast and it'll be Christmas already next week.....#slowdown 

I forgot to mention that its been a year since I first started blogging and the feeling is so surreal for I didn't thought it would last this long..... To my readers specifically my friends and family, thank you so much for supporting me even if I'm so frustrated with this blogging thing #SAD 


My mom gave me the dress, while the bag was given by my dad --  What an early Christmas gift!! I love how my outfit, mainly the dress contrasts the color of my bag.  As you can notice, I'm wearing my favorite watch which is a hand-me-down from my mom as well....

This is one of my fave photos taken by my friend, Cla because of how I look so blogger-like, hence the face.... I was really having a hard time to do poses yesterday for I am too shy #nokidding 

I'm really in-love with the patterns printed on my dress and with the colors as well. Aside from its eye-catching, I find the colors match the patterns and its really vibrant and nice! 

I wanna thank my friend, Shayne for curling my hair and staying overnight, it was really fun!!! Furthermore, I can say that i really know how to put on a basic make-up for my everyday look... YAY ME

I just can't control all my thoughts right now, so I'm really sorry for having random and mixed thoughts... Rest assured everything will be back to normal afterwards HAHAHAHA

I look so demure and kind with this last photo.... Happy first anniversary to me and my blog! Hoping I was able to inspire and encourage people to do what they want and always believe in yourself. XX

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