Friday, January 23, 2015

Top and Skirt from WTC / Denim jacket from my Mom /  Shoes from Converse

Finally, I had the time to post this after so long!!! This was taken last week, but it seems like it was shot a month ago.... Thanks to my friend, Audrey who has been so patient with me while taking an outfit shot.

Actually, its our midterm week, and I'm currently trying to rest my mind so I blogged about this outfit I wore last week...... I'm pretty sure you've noticed that I always wear my Chucks on almost all my OOTD, simply because it can perfectly fit to anything I'm wearing and I just adore how classic it looks. 

This post only consists of few shots because I'm shy to include my feeling-fierce looks!!!! I also want to thank our professor for dismissing us early that day #LOL 

Hooray, for my first post this 2015! I do have lots of plans lined-up on what I'm gonna post soon, so to my family, friends and unknown readers.... STAY TUNED!!! 

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