Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hair by yours truly // Light Make up by yours truly and Cla Amiths
Finally, a new blog post after two months of crazy ups and downs! It's pretty obvious that you can see how happy I am on the pic above, right? Well, there are 3 main reasons why I'm extra happy. 

The first main reason why I'm extra happy are my FRIENDS!!! Yes, you've read it right. I have 11 girls who constantly make me happy when I don't feel like smiling, I'm so happy because everything is finally fine.  I really felt that we've been closer and more open to each other after the forum we had. I love you, girlies!!!

And we're down to the second reason, which is ----  GOOD BYE SCHOOL FOR NOW & HELLO SUMMER BREAK!!!!!!! It's a solid mixed emotions whenever I came to think of it, because I don't get to see my friends, and no more baon anymore #sad. Anyway, it has always been an achievement for me when I get to accomplish all the challenging, stressful and all nighter paper works that we're asked to do. I feel like our professors should pat our backs for we all deserve it!!! 

Last, but def not the least reason ---- I'M GOING TO JAPAN!!!! I know you've seen my mom's post on Facebook and my tweet regarding my summer vacation at the land of the rising sun, Japan; and nothing can compare on how happy I am that my visa's granted WOOOOH!!

 If you've read my post last summer, which is about our Summer getaway in Boracay, I've mentioned that it was my first time to ride a plane, and I'm not kidding. So this summer, I get to travel to Japan riding a plane for the second time. And another challenging and surprising fact about my travel's that........ I'M GONNA GO TO JAPAN ALONE!!!  Let me clear myself, I'll be riding a plane, ALONE, but my relatives will fetch me at the airport #wew... And all these surprising details are making me kind of excited to just go already. Another fact, I'LL BE STAYING THERE FOR 3 MONTHS, AGAIN 3 FREAKING MONTHS!! 

I hope you're also as happy and excited as I am :-) Stay tuned for more updates about me and my travel!! 

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