Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Crop top from an online shop / Plaid long sleeves from Terranova / Rings from H&M

Last week, I did a "collab shoot" with my friend, Darcy at the famous park of San Lorenzo! It was a really hot day, so I decided to wear something comfy and a bit simple, but edgy.

So here's a close up look on the details of my outfit. Yes, I still can't see the rings properly (I'll do better next time hehehe)!!! Thank God, the black hair tie doesn't look like what it really is. 

It was our (Darcy & I) first time to do a collab shoot since we both have different schedules, plus, we're both shy to ask each other to do this (shoot) - so I guess, our summer class was a blessing in disguise. 

I really had fun shooting our own outfits even if we just started doing a collab! Because of the fact that she's really friendly and nice, I'm really comfortable posing in front of her.

Even if I look kind of haggard on the pic above, I still like it because I look really happy and 50% blooming #LOL

Another favorite pic - I love this because I can't see my eyes..... just kidding! I love this because it looks candid and effortless.

This pic sums up how I'm trying to look good even if the sun's really burning my skin already....

I guess this shot explains why this post is entitled Breakfree - because of the fact that I feel so free and happy with everything in my life right now. 
I wanna thank Darcy for being so patient with me all throughout. I'm looking forward to more shoots with you. 

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