Wednesday, June 10, 2015

One of the best things I did in Japan.... was visiting the happiest place on Earth - DISNEY SEA! I'm still speechless right now even if its almost two months passed when we went there.... I also can't get over the fact that I was able to visit one of the nicest country I've known since I was little and everything still feels surreal that I get to go to other country at a young age. 

What is going to other places without a very "turista pic" ?????? So there's me, standing in front of the big globe smiling awkwardly with my arms up  #WhatAWeirdo 

The photo above is the legit entrance to a "whole new world" to discover inside Disney Sea. This very unforgettable memory all happened last 28th of April and I really don't know why its still Easter there.....

The people seated on the floor were waiting for the parade to start. While the volcano that looks real is a part of the extreme rides that you'll ever ride in Disney Sea. 

Another turista photo of mine!! Thanks to my niece, Aino for lending me her Minnie Mouse ears headband to complete my outfit. Thank God it was really sunny and not that cold when we visited, or else I'm 100% sure that I won't be wearing an off-shoulder top and maong shorts. 

When we went to Disney Sea and entered the legit entrance to a whole new world to discover, I felt like I also travelled different countries due to the structures of  hotels and restaurants around it. 

This reminds me of the famous Ruins in Rome #LOL

One of my favorite views to look at!!!!!! The buildings that you can see from afar are the hotels and restaurants, plus the "SEA" and the lamp post really complements the view. Aghh I'm so in love!

The only mascot with a not so long line..... Goofy!! It/he may not be my fave disney character, but whatever at least I got to take a pic with a very funny one he he he he

Welcome to the beautiful kingdom of Little Mermaid a.k.a. Ariel! Her kingdom is called the Mermaid Lagoon (sounds really nice, isn't it?) And Ariel's kingdom is Aino's favorite among all the places there. 

Around 2:30 in the afternoon (Thanks to my Sunnies Journal for making me remember all what I did in Japan) we had our lunch and we ordered Shrimp-Chicken burger that looks like a shell (???) I wasn't able to list what its called because I was really hungry that time. Ohhh boy, look at our dessert! Who wouldn't be eating that cutie cake? 

After eating, we went to the souvenir shop of Ariel's kingdom and this really caught my attention, because of the fact its only 100 ¥ (which costs only Php 35-37, depending on the conversion) it also looks very significant in my eyes #LOL 

The photo above was the one I chose among the three designs available in the medallion maker. Thank God my nails are presentable and Kawaii enough! 

Aghhhh and we're down to the place where my cousin and I loved the most, Alladin and Jasmine's kingdom!!!!! Just by looking at it, you'll really feel like you went to a different country. What a very beautiful structure!!!!!

I'm pretty sure its obvious that I have a thing for trees and beautiful structures!!! 

Of course, another never ending turista pic of mine!! Wew, all thanks to the golden hour for making me look less haggard and to my cousin who was really game to taking my turista pictures. 

Best caption??? I'm wishing for something that isn't going to happen...... 

Looks real - Hello, Jasmine! You're really sexy and pretty <3 And Hello to the kuya at my side hehehe

While walking around their place, I can feel like I'm in the legit set of Alladin and Jasmine!

This is one of my favorite shots I took while strolling around

We also rode the caravan carousel for it was Aino's most loved ride! I wasn't able to take a pic of how it looks inside because I was busy looking and appreciating how beautiful this place is. 

My second most loved place!!!! This really made my jaw drop because of how it really looks so real, just like in Venice! 

We also rode a gondola trip around the whole Disney Sea, but I can't post the pictures because I'm really limiting this post for it already seems long 

To end this very long post, here's a photo of us with the Mouse that I ONLY LOVE aside from Mickey.......Minnie!!!!!! 

Hope you all had fun reading my post after so long and I also hope that you get to have a glimpse of what Tokyo Disney Sea is inside. Thanks for reading!

PS: I'll be blogging about my WHOLE JAPAN TRIP soon, so wait for it. ❤

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