Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The long wait is over.... Thank God, I had a spare time to blog about my first day in Japan! I'm so excited to tell you all the details, share my fun stories and experiences I had- so lets get started.

Agggghhhhh oh my goodness!!!! So happy I saw the cherry blossoms a.k.a. Sakura up close. I can't believe that my whole dream of seeing one finally came true. 

Another turista shot with the kawaii cherry blossoms! As far as I can remember, I was really smiling like a fool when we went to the park just for me to see those flowers. It was kind of disappointing when the flowers aren't that pinkish anymore because the weather isn't as cold as it was before I arrived. 

The Kawasaki Daishi Park is really nice with all those cherry blossoms everywhere. 

So here are the cherry blossoms up close! It may look like a regular flower to some of you, but nothing beats how kawaii these Sakuras are. 

After staring and taking a lot of pics, we then went to the Chinese Temple just beside the Daishi Park. and this is what you'll see once you enter the said temple. 

Entering this temple is free, so we took the chance to visit it! Plus, this is also my first time to enter any temple. I was so surprised to see how beautiful and well-preserved this place is. 

As you can see, there's a body of water, lots of trees and rocks that surrounds the Chinese temple. 

This is a shot taken by my cousin, when Aino and I are headed to the other side of the temple. 

A "pink-er" colored version of the kawaii cherry blossoms. 

This is one of my favorite shots taken at the Chinese temple because of how the colors complement each other. 

Why would I leave the Chinese temple without a solo shot? I'm feeling the turista vibes + the cold weather; ranging from  10-12° C. Thanks to my planner for letting me remember everything! 

Aside from visiting the Chinese temple, we also went to one of the most visited temples in Japan, the Daishi Heikenji Temple. The said Jap temple is also near where my cousin lives.

This is the the entrance of the Daishi Heikenji Temple- feat. me and a traffic cone!

Once you enter the temple, you will be welcomed by a lot of small stores just like the picture below. Before roaming around, we stopped to buy a toy puppy for Aino because she said its her own version of our puppy here in the Philippines, Twinkle.

The weather that day isn't as sunny as I thought it would be, but instead it was kind of drizzling at some times; that's why some stores are closed.

This is one of how many temples that will be found here. .

This place is full of different temples! As I mentioned earlier, it was my first time to enter a Chinese temple...... and this is also my first time to enter a Japanese temple  as well.

The pic below is where the Japanese believed that the water is Holy and can help remove any illnesses and bad spirits (correct me if I'm wrong hehe)

As a tourist, my cousin let me tried drinking and washing my hands with it.

Another temple that can be seen here. My Lola told me that this place is really crowded when its Sunday because it's also where the Japanese pray.

Featuring my Lola walking towards where the cemetery is located.

Here's Aino posing outside the cemetery with her own version of Twinkle LOL

We then went to the main and biggest temple that can be found in this place. After taking a pic there, we went inside to have a short tour and taking pictures is prohibited as a sign of respect. We dropped coins on a" grill-like container" and said our prayers and wishes.

This is what you'll see outside the Daishi Heikenji temple- a lot of small food stores, lucky charm items, umbrellas and more!!!!

This is the right side of the photo above.

If you're following me on Instagram this photo is pretty familiar to you because I posted this already.

After 5 hours of checking out the cherry blossoms, visiting the Chinese and Japanese temples and an endless number of pictures, we suddenly felt hungry since we didn't ate any lunch that time. We headed to a nearby mall called Homes!! 

Your eyes are fine, the photo is really blurred! Well, my cousin asked me what cuisine I'd like to eat, so I told her I want Italian food for our late lunch and good thing there's an Italian resto inside Homes.

The resto is so cozy and quiet aside from the small talks and the sounds of a television show I can't understand.

Here's our order! The pizzas in Japan are really small (except Domino's Pizza) and if you're going to compare the sizes of it here in the Philippines, it's like a smaller size of a regular house plate only. A Seafood Paella for my grandma and a Japanese food for my cousin and niece, Aino.

It's been almost three months since my Day 1 in Japan and I'm missing it more and more everyday! Thank you so much for reading or scrolling until here, I really appreciate you drdopping by here in my blog. I'll be posting more of my Japan trip and experiences soon, so stay tune and enjoy the rest of the day! :)

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