Friday, July 3, 2015

Shirt from Uniqlo / Skirt from The Landmark / Sunnies from Flying Tiger

This is one of my favorite few shoots I had with my good friend, Darcy - because I was so prepared when we did this. The fact that I curled my hair and put on some light make up to improve this whole outfit shot.  Read more to see the details and other pictures.

A close up shot of the accessories I wore during the shoot. And yes finally, you can somehow see the rings I bought from H&M. The sunnies I'm holding is from Flying Tiger that we bought in Japan. As usual, I'm wearing my one and only hand me down watch from my Mom and I really love it because it perfectly match any outfit I wear. 

This is the back part of the denim skirt... I don't know, but I find the gold zipper so nice and it makes the skirt look like a branded one. 

As of now, I'm kind of trying the "fierce look" LOL @ ME i know!!! I guess the fierce look only looks better if I don't look pale in this photo; and I would definitely try it again next time. 

Aghhh the fact that my hair is long plus, its curled...... I'm planning if I should get my hair permed soon. This is also one of my favorite pics out of the 20+ photos I have. 

Eventually, this is another proof of how long my hair is when its curled.... I was so flattered when my sister told me its somehow #HairGoals 

*currently judging you* LOL kidding -- So okay, I was browsing my other photos from the shoot and I was shocked to see that I have a somehow-better-than-the-other-one-fierce-shot. 

After a fierce shot, here's a smiling Bianca to end this outfit post. 
A never ending thank you again to Darcy for bearing with me and to my friends as well, who support me with this whole thing. 

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