Wednesday, January 6, 2016

First of all, happy new year my dear reader! It's been so long since I last blogged about something. Well, this first post for the year, 2016, is very different from the usual posts, I'll be blogging about my likes, dislikes and so on....

Can't believe its my birthday todaaaay!! Yay! I did this post because I also want to have a recap of who I really am and know more about myself. (Don't mind the background.) 

1. Bianca the Writer
I've been writing essays since I was in grade school because of my dad. He pushed me to write more when I grew older and that led me to having a blog. I write essays on my free time and I look for different topics that will be found on my English book when I was in High school or about any recent  issues.

2.  Information Technology
I really want to take IT ever since fourth year high school. Making codes and experimenting with it really interests me. Because I can't have IT as my course, I ended up experimenting here on my blog. As of the moment, researching and learning things I never knew I can make is what makes me happy #LOL

3. Scarred for life
If you haven't read my post almost two years ago on an update on what happened to me, then this is it... I was brought to the hospital due to an accident that took place here in our house. The accident resulted to me, having 4-5 stitches on my forehead and on the part between my nose and lips. And now, i know you'll check my photos to see if it's true hehehe!! The scar is still visible until now and I don't think I'd like to have it undergo a laser treatment since it has been a part of who I am #wowzy

4. I don't eat everything.
I may look chubby to you, but I don't really eat everything. Actually, I'm kind of a picky eater.... and I don't eat fish that much specifically the dried ones like"Tuyo" of all sorts. I'd prefer eating vegetables than fish. I know this might shock you, but I'd rather eat Ampalaya than Paksiw na Fish

5. Cooking? Nah....
I don't cook. The end. kidding..... Yes, I know how this fact turns you off LOL.... I don't cook because I'm afraid that the oil might splash on my skin especially if I'm gonna cook a deep fried food. Well, I can cook rice though, that counts, right? 

6. Spicy food
I LOVE EATING SPICY FOOD SO MUCH!!!!! If the food isn't  spicy, I'll find the taste boring, Of course, my spicy food madness also has a limitation to the fact that if the food can't really be spicy, I'm fine with it.... I'm really used to the level of spiciness of any food, that sometimes, I can't taste on how spicy the food is.

7. Weird saying
Weirdest thing that you'll ever know from me.... I have a saying BEFORE that "Di ako kakain hanggang di ako nanghihina or closed to mahihimatay" which I know is wrong. This weird thing stopped when I was near to passing out last semester. Thank God, there were people who helped me "surviving."

8. Makeup
If there will be a ranking of the girliest and maarte among our barkada, I'm pretty sure I'll be the rank one.... I learned to  put on makeup when I went to Japan last summer. My cousin taught me  on how to put on a basic look that I can wear everyday, BUT I'm a lazy girl (not denying it) I ended up not putting makeup all the time. My to-go makeup routine composts of  putting on some lip and cheek tint + fix my brows and if I have an extra time, I'll also add a basic eyeliner.

9. Adventures?
Even if I'm the rank one of being the maarte in our barkada, I always prefer adventures of all sorts. If you haven't read the About me section here on my blog, I stated that I prefer anything that can make my heart pop due to too much excitement. I'd rather ride extreme rollercoasters than entering horror booths.

10. Kawaii kawaii
I guess this is pretty obvious..... I love anything and everything under the school supplies section of any store. Yes, I love going to National Bookstore, Typo, Artbox and any other store that sells stationery sets, coloring pens or markers, notepads and etc.

11. First phone
I had my first phone wayback when I was a Sophomore in high school. It was a pink Nokia C3 which I really love since its keypad is QWERTY, but due to all the kalokohans I've done, it was then confiscated by my mom after 3 days!!!!!!!!! Senior year came, for the love of Pete, thank God, I finally had a new phone.

12. Text-a-holic????
I may be a bookworm, but I don't read text messages... HAHAHAH so I'm very sorry to the people who texts me. I also don't have a load all the time, so don't expect me to reply....As of the moment, I have 203 unread messages huhuhu lol

13. More like Kindle....
This next entry is related to the number before this, which is 12 (duh, syempre Biancs) Well, my phone is pretty big and I'm not a text-a-holic type of person, so instead of texting, I use my phone for reading books I can't afford LOL!!! My phone is more of like a Kindle than a regular mobile phone.

14. Books books books
BOOKS ARE EVERYTHING!!! If I'll have a list of the things I prefer... Rank 1 will be reading a book. It may not be obvious since I don't really looked like a bookworm, but when you see me... it's either I'm eating or reading a book on my phone. Another fact, if I'm with my friends and I'm reading a book, I totally forgot about them and don't expect me to pay attention on whatever you're telling me  because I really focus on what I'm reading. 

15. Red or pink?
If I'll ask you what my favorite color is, I know what your answer will be... PINK! Let me clarify it, my favorite color is RED. It kinda shocked you, right? I love pink so much that it seems like it's my favorite color already.

16. Organized as hell
I'm super organized that my bag will be filled with a pouch for toiletries, first aid and makeup kits. I love having different pouches since I don't want them to be cluttered and be mixed with each other. Every first until second week of school, the three different pouches are present, but as the time goes on, I stopped bringing them and then, I'll regret not bringing it on the latter. 

17. Rush? Big NO-NO!
I really dislike it when someone (may it be  my parents, sister or friends) rushes me to do things. If you prefer letting me do some favor, task or whatever you wanted me to do, tell it to me ahead  of time. If someone rushes me, it only means one thing, I'll be hella irritated at you. So now that you know, thou shall not rush me to do anything!

18. Forever young
I was and will always be the youngest in our batch and in our barkada as well. There's this time before that I wished I have the same age as my friends, but then I realized, there's no need for me to be sad because there will be a time that I'll feel like I'll be one of them, and that day turned out to be today!!!


Thank you so much for reading the whole thing, I blogged about this because I know these facts are some of the things that doesn't seemed to be obvious. I shared this with you because I want you to learn more about me in the 18 years of my existence. Cheers to my legality! 

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