Friday, January 22, 2016

The most unplanned celebration I had ever! 18 years of existence, already???? Time flies so fast that it freaks me out whenever I came to think of it. Excited to tell you all what were my feelings, reactions and short little stories during my birthday celebration. 

Introducing.... my very Cinderella moment!!! I included on the speech I made that Cinderella is my favorite among all the Disney Princesses, and when I wore the blue cocktail dress and silver heels, my sister told me how she can see Cinderella in me #naks Actually, the color of the dress was supposed to be pink, but since the color motif of my party was pink, I went for blue. 

All the stressful organizing and more than a handful times editing the lists, it all paid off because I really had fun and enjoyed it to the highest level. As you can see on the photo above, I was really happy and I felt so stoked to blow the candle because I really want the party to get going. 

Smile here, smile there.... I felt like my jaw was about to lock due to smiling all throughout the event. I was glad that everyone whom I expected to come, arrived. The only sad part was knowing that my dad wasn't there to celebrate my birthday as I turned 18, but nevertheless, they all surprised me with a video greeting from him (my dad)  #thebest 

The calm, before the storm.... LOL!!!! Told you, almost everything's colored pink and peach.... The medium sized letters was really BIANCA, but the photographer a.k.a my friend, didn't include the letter B???? HAHAHAHA

Here's a shot of the so-called Cake table, which is however, the cake is nowhere to be found...... Well, my Tita or Aunt arrived kind of late and since the cake is with her, they placed it there when the party's about to start. I have Larcy's cupcakes and Marshmallow jars as my souvenirs. The Larcy's cupcakes was sponsored by my super lovely, beautiful and generous friends, who are also my sisters from another mother. 

A GIF of the guests! I don't know why some of the photos look blurry, but maybe it's because I just re-sized it here on blogspot. I chose the group shots because hello, obviously, it would take a lot of time if I'll be using the solo pictures with each guests, right? 

(L-R: Royce Aquino, Shayne Alvaro, Audrey Carreon)
A decent photo with my ever so patient photographers! Like what I've mentioned earlier, this celebration was really unplanned, that we weren't able to hire someone who'll take the photos during this event and it also costs too much, Luckily, I have friends who were willing to take all those funny, cute and memorable moments I had with my guests. 

I know how much you'll hate me for choosing this photo HEHEHE forgive me!!! Anyway, a BIG THANK YOU to this set of ever so beautiful and the best friends I have. From being the hosts, part of the registration committee, for being the organizers, photographers, dancers, distributing the souvenirs and for being an all around real, true and best friend. So blessed to have you in my life. I don't know what to do if it weren't for you all helping me all throughout. 

 An incomplete family picture, but look how we're all smiles! I was so glad that everyone filled the absence of my dad during my celebration, but it will be more fun if he was there. Thankful to have these two beautiful ladies in my life, I couldn't have done this event without you. 

Here's a photo-ender for this post! Everyone, meet my very cute and fluffy cousin slash escort, Nigel. I love you, baby boy hehehe 

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone for coming, for the sweet and overwhelming messages and one-word descriptions of who I am, useful gifts, priceless memories, unending smiles and wonderful night! I really had so much fun that I can't express how happy I am before, during and after the party. And now that you discovered my secret talent in dancing, that will probably be my first and last solo performance again ever HAHAHA kidding. Words aren't enough to describe what I'm feeling. And so, Chapter 18 finally starts here....... 

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