Monday, February 15, 2016

Top from Online shop / Skirt from Bazaar / Bag from H&M / Watch from Love Hope Faith / Shoes from Converse / Sunnies from Sunnies by Charlie

Happy Valentines everyone! How are you doing? Here's another unplanned blog post for you all. I'm really so happy how motivated I am to be writing all these posts recently. I also have lots of fashion posts that will be shared soon, so stay tuned!

Is the world really on my side yesterday that my sister finally got to take a decent and nice shot after so loooooong??? I guess the weather seemed to cooperate with us while we were doing this mini shoot in our garage. I'm sorry if the pink slippers on the side bothers you hahaha I feel the same. 

A close up shot of the details of my outfit yesterday. The Sunnies and Lifesaver watch was a gift from my friends - Kat and Kath. Funny how they have the same name, but different spelling of their nicknames. I really love this pair of Sunnies because dude, it really goes well with almost all of my outfits. The bag is actually owned by my mom, but since she doesn't use it that much, I asked her if I can borrow it hehehe thanks Mom!

Notice the sizes of these photos, they don't have the same sizes, right? It's because I cropped it so that the pink slippers won't be seen UGH I know how mababaw my reason is, but whatevs LOL

Anyway, we spent our Valentine's celebration at Town yesterday because why not? But kidding aside, it's because we don't really go there all the time. We were supposed to be eating at Mary Grace, but we need to wait for an hour because it was  lunch time when we arrived. After going to Yabu, Pepper Lunch and TGI Friday's...... all those 3 restaurants are all fully booked, which resulted to a waiting time of an hour as well. We ended up eating at Stackers. I was supposed to include other photos, but I wasn't table to take a nice shot. 

Most favorite shot from all the 10 photos I need to choose from!!! I love how I looked like a professional blogger HAHAHAHA please agree with me!!!!!!! 

It doesn't matter how you spent the Valentine's yesterday because if you really had fun, enjoyed and never wouldn't have the celebration any other way, then there will be no problem at all. Valentine's shouldn't only be celebrated every 14th of February, but everyday. 
Happy Valentine's my dear reader, thank you for taking some of your time to read this post, it really means so much to me. 

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