Monday, February 8, 2016

Guess where we dined in today? At home!! Well hello there my dearest, reader. This is such an unusual post, but how can I make this as an exception, right?

Aghhh can't get over how yummy those ribs and veggies are. First of all, I didn't really plan on blogging our lunch for today, but my mom surprised us by cooking such yummy food. She cooked Sautéed in Butter Veggies, Fried Rice with added ingredients, and last, but not the least, Baby back ribs.

A more close-up shot of the Baby back ribs *drools* My mom used the turbo oven to cooked these very mouth-watering ribs. She then, garnished it with lemons and parsley. I'm so happy how I added another category here on my blog, it feels like a new venture for me to explore. I may not know how to cook, but I'd be sharing my mom's yummy recipes every now and then. 

The photo above is my mom's Sautéed in butter Veggies. Mind you, I only made up some of the names here and I don't actually know what it's called because my mom's pretty busy updating her social media to upload these photos as well. Having veggies helped us balance whatever we ate earlier. The broccoli's were so yummy (I don't eat carrots that much) 

Fried rice which is only good for two, so my mom ended up eating the plain rice.  My mom mixed some crab sticks, egg and tidbits of carrots. And yes, that was kind of my mom's way so we would be able to eat carrots, how smart!!! Adding the parsley made it all looked so delicious even more. 

I'm so sorry for making you hungry or crave for some tender baby back ribs! I'm happy like my tummy as of the moment because like what I've said earlier, I just added a new category here on my blog. I can't wait to share more of my mom's recipes and her talent in cooking. 
I hope I gave you an idea on what to cook or serve for your loved ones this coming Valentine's day. 
Have a great day and happy lunch!!

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