Saturday, March 26, 2016

Actually it's part of our tradition to go the beach every year specifically during the Holy Week or summer vacation, nevertheless of the peak season. I wasn't able to go with them last year because I was in Japan..... This year's traditional trip to the beach is different from all those past years because my relatives whom I visited in Japan, arrived last Wednesday.

I'm so sorry if there'll be no enough photos of how beautiful this place is. Anyway, we only had a day tour trip because there weren't any available cottages for us to stay overnight. Actually, I was expecting that the place will be crowded, but we were shocked to see how the place looked so empty. I felt like the world is on my side yesterday because we didn't experience any traffic at all, the place seems like all to ourselves, and how ~thin~ I look on the photos my sister captured. 

The sand is as white as you can imagine and as what you can see on the photos here. I didn't put any filter on the photos, but I just adjusted its brightness and contrast. The place where we stayed in offers bike and ATV rentals, Kayak and boat rides. We were really down to try the banana boat, but sadly, they don't have it. 

A closer look on how clear the water is. It was low tide yesterday that's why you can't see any waves on the photos taken. 

What's a beach trip if you don't have that pag-eemote picture? I was really glad how game my sister was in taking all my solo shots. I also tried not eating too much earlier that day for me to achieve the payat look. 

I was also down to have a sunbathing, but I'm afraid my skin color will be darker than ever (even if that's the purpose of sunbathing.) I stayed seated for like 5 minutes, the time I consumed in taking this photo. #LOL

Notice how the photos have different sizes... It's because I used the iPad and my camera to take all these! I've mentioned how clear the water was and you can  really see the moss and small fishes coming your waaay!

Typical post-ender!! After our day tour, we then went to Tagaytay for our stop over at Yellow Cab to buy some pizza for us to eat. I really had so much fun yesterday because I was able to spend it with my other loved ones whom I don't see too often.

 I hope you also had a quality time with your loved ones yesterday and have a blessed week ahead. Thank you for reading, I do hope you also get to explore Calatagan, Batangas soon. 

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