Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dress from H&M / Denim Jacket from Japan / Shoes from Converse

This isn't a typical fashion post like what I usually share, but I just felt like something or maybe someone pushed me to write this post. This will also be a break from all those outfit posts I kept on sharing. On a different note, this will be an update from what is happening to me, my feelings and what my thoughts are.

Expect that this is gonna be a long post filled with random thoughts that I don't usually share here all the time. I guess it seems like Twitter's 140 characters isn't enough for me to share all these *nonsense* drama going on in my life right now. 

1. Midterm week is pretty fast approaching
Wait, let me rephrase that, it's midterm week and here I am, typing and pouring out all these freaking emotions. I have the courage to study already, but then, I just can't stop thinking about these thoughts I need to share. I'll be having my midterm tests the whole week, from Monday to Saturday. Yup, I know how this fact is just too much, but nevertheless, there will be those days I'm just looking forward to, so I guess that would help me make it through this week. 

2. Friends are forever
My friends and I just had a solid cheat day last Friday at Banchettto! Banchetto is under Mercato Centrale group which also serves affordable yummy cuisines for everyone. It was our first time to actually be complete, all thanks to the birthday celebrant! We all had a very rough day at school that time, and all of us, were really looking forward to ending the day already.... but the mood changed when we were finally eating our hearts out! What a legit #TGIF!!

3. Ten freaking years
Most of you know that we have a puppy, but actually he's considered a dog since he's too old to be called a puppy. *WHAT A MESSED UP MIND, BIANCA*
Anyway, our "baby" just turned 10 last Friday as well and it's sad knowing that it's just the two of us who celebrated his birthday. Yes, we're humanizing our pup, just like what most dog lovers do. I bought him a rainbow cake and snapped some photos of him, but even though we weren't complete, I let our pup feel like everyone who loves him was with us.

4. Expect the unexpected
There's been a constant battle in my mind on what is happening between these thoughts and about my feelings as well for the last couple of days and I swear it's making me craaazzzyyyy!!! This situation is pretty overwhelming knowing that I didn't expect something like this would happen. I'm not expecting more, but I do hope that whatever this is, I'll just go with the flow. 

5. Click click click
This next topic is also kind of connected to the previous number... Well anyway, do you even feel so clueless how some things just happened? Like everything just seemed to be in their proper places? Like everything clicked? I'm still on the verge of figuring out all these things that just happened and still happening to me.... So how I wish I'll be able to know the answer to this dilemma I've been trying to solve. I know how broad I state these thoughts and I might be too obvious if ever I share everything here and we'll never know what will happen if ever I'm gonna be stating everything so bluntly here. 

6. Pretty nice
Isn't it nice to know and talk to someone you haven't talked to before? It's like woah, how come we've only talked now? Funny how someone surprises you with their attitude and the way they talk especially when it isn't obvious. It's not everyday that we get to meet new people and talk to them for a while and as for me, whenever that time happens, I grab the opportunity and seize it. 

Very unorganized thoughts, noh?? I just want to let these all out and I feel like my friends might think I'm too full of myself if ever I'm gonna be sharing these to them. and as much as possible, I don't want that to happen.... This overthinking during midterm week is so stressful.... Can I turn off these feelings and thoughts the whole week muna? 

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