Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I'm pretty sure you're not familiar with PurpleBug. PurpleBug is a Marketing and Digital company that works with principles and technology. With more than 20 years of combined experience in IT, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, and Hospitality in the country and in the Asia Pacific, they fully understand the market and its needs.

 This post will serve as an update about me and about this new portal that PurpleBug developed. ILost&Found  help users to find and surrender the missing items and give it back to its proper owner.

I know its been a month since the last time I posted something here in my blog.  I didn't have enough time to squeeze some blogging duties, because I'm having my internship which will end by next week.

I know you've noticed how the color of my hair changed- it's because I had it dyed almost 2 months ago. If you'll ask me about its shade, oh girl, I'm sorry I don't know what its called.

I promise to be active once again soon, I'm just really having a hard time juggling the tasks I need to accomplish. Expect more fashion and food posts in the coming weeks. Have a nice day and thanks for reading!

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