Sunday, July 31, 2016

Top and skirt from an online shop / Sunnies from Sunnies by Charlie / Shoes from Adidas

Aghhh I don't know why, but I'm so excited blogging at the moment. The weather pretty much cooperated when I had my little shoot yesterday morning.

I was enjoying my Strawberry juicy pop when I asked my dad to take this photo. Yup, my dad was the one who took all the photos that will be included here on my fashion post! 

Oh I almost forgot.. Happy August everyone!! Time flies so fast recently, I can't catch up anymore. Anyway, kidding aside school starts next week and I really need to make my last week pretty worth it. But as much as I want to enjoy this week, I'll be busy making time and planning out with my co-officers the program and events we'll have for this school year! 

I just love wearing my overused denim jacket and sunnies, okay? I'm actually planning to buy a new denim jacket soon because it finally suits the weather we're feeling!! Thank God my dad was so on-the-go and extra supportive wih my blogging hobby or else, no one will be taking all these shots. And no, I can't count on my mom when it comes to taking photos #sad

Mind you, I've always wanted to have a legit on the street(s) of Makati shoot, but I havent dared to try it yet ever since, because no one had the guts to come with me. Hooray for a spontaneous trip to Legazpi's Sunday Market, if it weren't for our trip, I wouldn't be able to try it out. You don't know how glad I am for experiencing something I've been wanting for so long.

I know how some of you might think that this post's title have a double meaning, but I'm telling you, no, there's no issue or what :-) This post is entitled such because of the stop sign and nothing else! 

Ending this post with my all time favorite pose HEHE here's to a new month and a new post!! I really can't wait to share more here on my blog. Thanks so much for taking your time reading or scrolling! Until the next one :-)

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