Monday, November 14, 2016

Hi everyone!! How's it going? I just had a very unplanned shoot at my natural habitat during the weekend!! So happy I get to squeeze in some of my time to blog about a personal update. Powerbooks or Fully Booked? Powerbooks or Fully Booked?

A little back story behind the title, so you can understand what I was trying to say. These photos were taken at Powerbooks, which the title says otherwise. Fully Booked is also a bookstore located here in the Philippines, but my witty self can't just hold back to put some story on the title posts I make. 

Anyway, I've been stating on my recent posts how busy I am this semester, but here I am, yet again, updating you all with how hectic my schedule is. This entry states how fully booked the whole month of November is for me. Defense, deadlines and other school works are calling me to be accomplished already. My planner is filled with nothing, but reminders, notes and some little mantras to help me get by.

As 2016 ends anytime soon, I'm having constant battles whether or not to get Starbucks or Typo's planner #HELP! I can't contain the level of my excitement anymore because 1.) HOPEFULLY, we'll get to visit my relatives in Japan once again, and 2.) it's my 3RD BLOGVERSARY (blog anniversary) 
With this, I'm planning to have a giveaway for my readers (as if I have) soon!! I'll post more of the giveaway details when I come up with my final decision. Stay tuned and let me know what you think about having giveaways. BUT before anything else, I wanna thank my personal photographer Erika Occena for taking all these beautiful candid shots of mine.

Photography by Erika Occena.

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