Sunday, December 25, 2016

In line with my 3rd Blog Anniversary, I chose to share my blessings to the people who need it the most by giving out simple basic needs.

I've never been this excited on writing a post! The experience of giving out simple gifts to the people who need it the most can't be compared to any feeling in the world. Their way of saying thank you gives me something deep down in my heart! Their genuine smiles are also incomparable – something that I'd love to look back on someday soon! 

I was able to give out few gifts only because everything I've spent came from my allowance. I wasn't able to film those people I gave the gifts to because of safety purposes. 

I also gave a pack of goodies to the shuttle (aka UV Express) barker because he was nothing, but nice to us!! 

First of all, thank you Lord for giving me the skill to write and for all the blessings and opportunities that came my way! You're the best and I can't wait to know what's in-store for me soon! 

Second, to my readers (if ever I have one) thanks for reading and/or scrolling and checking out my posts!! I love you all so much. 

Third, to my sister and friends who never fail to take my outfit posts! Thank you so much for your patience ❤ 

Fourth, to my friend Audrey (and her mom) for helping and supporting me on my blog giveaway!! And for also making me feel like I'm a part of your family!! ❤

Fifth, to my friend Erika, thank you so much for editing the video and for taking my outfit/instagram posts ❤

Lastly, to my family!!! Thank you for your never ending support and love for me. 

Stay tuned for more of my travel posts soon!! With love, from Japan, Bianx ❤

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