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Reminiscing the old times!! Can't believe it's been a year since the last time I've been to this beautiful country!! I was supposed to blog about the different places I've been to last year, but because of lack of time (re: summer class) I wasn't able to share it with you guys. I was actually contemplating whether I'll have a different post for each place or just combine it all in to one (long) post? Yet here I am, choosing to have a summary of all the places I've been to!!

Daishi Park
The only post that I had regarding my trip to Japan last year was my 1st day in Kawasaki - experiencing the cold weather, seeing the kawaii sakura and enjoying unlimited Jap feasts. I can't wait to experience Japan's cold weather soon!!!!

 Since bicycles are what most Japanese use as their mode of transportation, they have a parking for their bicycles! If I'm not mistaken, the bike on the farthest left was the bike I used to go at Costco! I'm sorry if I forgot where the photo on the left is located (Jap friends, help me out) But as far as I remember it's in Kamata because prior to it is Ajinomoto's plant (thanks Google, but I hope I'm right)
 Next, the moment we went to the park, I suddenly remembered MERCATO! This Mercato-like place offers different cuisines, but mostly were Jap food of course (duh?) What I loved the most was the Yakitori, long fries, ice creams and other sweet delicacies that were being sold! 
The Landmark, Yokohama
When I posted about this place on my Instag account my friends commented "Meron naman sa Makati, ba't dumayo ka pa dyan?"  *insert straight face emoji here* 

Those are actually frozen yogurt on popsicle sticks! It was so good. I ordered something with strawberries on it (thanks to my 2015 planner for helping me fill-out these stories)
 I love living in the city!! Thank God my cousin's house is near to almost everything (malls, restaurants, convenience stores) See that, see that?? GENKI SUSHI, BABY!!! We ordered a lot. By a lot, meaning you can't close your zipper anymore, but thank God I wore comfortable set of clothes that day!!
 SHIBUYA-HHHHHHHHHH!!!! I had so much fun roaming around this place even if it's too crowded and filled with lots of tourists. Locals and tourists take turns whoever is next to have a photo with Hachiko's statue! 
Shibuya crossing

JAPANESE CHICKEN IS THE BEST!! Need I say more? I can devour 3-5 chickens in just one sitting. Their chicken is a must try!
China Town
Felt like I've visited a different country when I went here. The China Town was jam-packed with tourists and locals all over the place. All the restaurants and stores have a queue, but everything was pretty worth it!! 
Via Cinecitta is located near the group of malls and establishments around the Kawasaki Station. Almost everything in this place are Instagrammable ❤
Shabu shabu
The photos above are also located at Via Cinecitta!! 
This is by far my most favorite place in Japan!! Aside from the beautiful view, over looking scenery and yummy dishes, Odaiba is the place to be especially if you just wanna enjoy and unwind for a while. 
Not that other places in Japan doesn't offer such, but this is what I prefer going to, among all the places I've been to.

Another mall we went to around the Kawasaki Station was Lazona. This mall can be compared to Greenbelt (30%)
My Japan trip wouldn't be complete without heading to Harajuku! Harajuku is filled with everything that I love - food, clothes, kawaii and affordable items. There are a wide-range of clothes where you can choose from! What I loved the most about my trip was that the Philippine weather matches with the current season Japan was having when I went. If you happen to go to Harajuku, don't forget to taste the crepes!!!
This place reminds me of Tumblr because of the color combinations which are mostly pastel tones. We weren't able to try this roller coaster because my cousin was afraid of heights and my niece wasn't allowed to ride this yet. I'll surely not miss this, when I get back soon!
Look at the wonderful view!! We were riding the Ferris wheel when that photo was taken. 
My cousin also toured me around Ueno. 
We had lunch first before heading to Ueno's Zoo. Saw some cute pandas which I wanted to make gigil to.
Ueno Zoo
Shinagawa Aquarium
Aside from visiting Ueno's Zoo, we also went to Shinagawa Aquarium on a gloomy day!! It was actually my first time to go to a place like this (I haven't been to Manila Ocean park yet, until now)
Down to the last set of photos combined!! Saving the best for last. Back at my favorite place in Japan. So that's what it looks like when you're seated at Deck's open area. Isn't it nice to munch on some Takoyaki's while enjoying the over-looking view? I cannot wait to go back and reminisce the last time I went here. There's so much to discover in Japan and I'm pretty excited to go back to all these places and/or visit cities I've never been to. Cannot hide the fact that I'm too excited to know what's in store for us soon!! 

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