Friday, January 27, 2017

Zara Dress / Bag from a Japanese Brand 

With my passion and love for writing, fashion and exploring other concepts - this online space was created!

I can still remember the old times when my dad lets me write different essays when I was younger. I was supposed to write one essay per day, depending on the load of school works I needed to accomplish. 

Then that became a habit until I reach my teenage years. Owning a journal when I was growing up made me loved writing even more. It helped me to push myself to do and learn on my own which led me to a passion where every thing I love can be associated - fashion and writing. 

I am no pro, I may not be the best and I may not be one of the best bloggers around, but I got my family and friends (plus, the reader/s if I may have) who help me fill-up the support I need. This online work space is my way of letting my creativity flow, sharing and documenting my life updates, love for fashion and writing and also works as my way of distressing. 

Every day, I learn something new - not just about writing, but also about the distinct concepts about fashion styles, creativity and words that add to my vocabulary. That is only one of the few reasons why I love this notion. 

I will continue to push myself to do and be better, to never stop growing until I can be the best version of myself. I am Bianca Penalba. I am a sparkling blossom and this is my creative work space. 

Photography by Erika Occena

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