Saturday, January 28, 2017


GU Knitted Sweater / Forever 21 Pants and Heels / Tag Heuer Watch / ABKD Bag

There's nothing wrong with being confident with what you wear. 

Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week because of family day, taking outfit shots with my sister and it's just one of those days where it feels like the chill-est day of the week. I cannot stress anymore how I love dressing up and sharing what I love to do. With that being said, here's another fashion entry for you guys! 

Before buying such stuff (clothes, bag, shoes) I make sure where can I pair it with and if it matches my style. Seriously speaking, I don't think I have a specific style. I actually just depend it on the mood I'm in and on what I feel like wearing. 

I'm not into wearing heels ever since, but my love for heels started when my mom bought the black chunky heels from Forever 21 (a.k.a. the blogger heels.) From then on, I've been wanting to have a pair of a nude strappy heels, thank God I just celebrated my birthday recently and my mom finally bought it!

I get my outfit or style inspirations based from the people I see on Instagram and Pinterest, then I add it on my imaginative mood board. Occasionally, I also search for clothes I like best and style it the way I prefer to. My friend once told me that I'm known for wearing denim - may it be skirt, jacket or sometimes, pants. Can't disagree though, it's my favorite closet staple and go-to outfit!! 

Ending this post with some positivity! May you all rock your own style, be confident and ALWAYS be (true to) yourself! Stay tuned for more fashion posts and thank you for taking some of your time to visit my blog. 


  1. Omg you're so amazing i read all your blogs. #1 FAN HERE!!


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