Friday, January 20, 2017


(No, I won't show you too revealing or nude photos)
A very late post of the mini shoot I had with my friends way back in 2016! Just saw this on my drafts folder and totally forgot about it (blaming my excitement with our Japan trip last year. Plus, all the school stress I encountered) As per usual, this will again be an update of my life's current state, blog posts ideas and more!!


Using these throwback photos for my first post this 2017!!! To start off, I still can't get over how fast our trip in Japan is. It seems like we only stayed there for only a week or two, but its actually almost a month. We were not able to visit a lot of places because of holidays, the weather was too cold and tourists are all over the place. Gladly, I was able to munch on a lot of Karaage and Sushis! It was so hard to say no to the different Jap food my cousin offers and #GoodByeDiet was my official hashtag during the vacation. More of my story (hopefully) on my next post!


Enough with the story-telling about my Japan trip! Moving on, I'm taking two language classes this semester which are French and Spanish to be exact! I feel like I'm also minoring in linguistics because of that. On a brighter side, since I'm taking Marketing Management, I'll be able to use my basic knowledge with the two languages I'm currently learning to my future travels and work as well! Despite of that crazy fact, we are enjoying our Spanish class the most! 
Makati garden

Can't wait to post and share with you guys the latest shoot I had with my friend, Erika again!!! 
I'm also planning to update the About Me page here on the blog and I'm torn between using photos or a video instead. Let me know what you think (comment, tweet or message me your ideas!)
long hair
For my last thought tonight, these old photos makes me miss my long hair even more. How I wish I can make it grow in an instant. I'm also on the verge of having my hair cut once again because hashtag dry hair! I'm thinking of having my hair treated first, then, see what happens!!

New year, new post. Better late than never. Happy New Year everyone - here's to a new year full of surprises, chances, opportunities and what have you. To a stronger and better version of ourselves. To a more positive life, enjoy 2017 and make it the best one yet!

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