Monday, March 20, 2017

Bershka Top / Nike Cap / Lucky in the Sky Shorts
It has been so long since the last time I blogged! A lot of deadlines, expectations and sleepless nights later, I'm back at it again!

They say change is inevitable and I couldn't agree more with the saying. The sudden transition in our lives is something we cannot control - that no matter what we do to maintain such, things turn around on its own. When a certain change happens, we can't do anything about it, but to stare and think why is it happening. Often times, we question the Big Guy up there why are we undergoing such change that causes us distress when we think everything's right on its proper places. 

When we don't accept and embrace the changes happening in our lives, we will never be happy. Most of us may not believe in the signs that He gives, but we better get ready and accept what's coming! Acceptance may be hard for some, because of protecting their egos, too much pride and the like, but I believe there are different levels on how us, humans, accept the transitions happening in our lives; it just differs on how we handle and face it.

Positivity is key! And it will surely take us to places. Problems, issues, failure, and battles will always be a part of our lives, these are just God's way of making us stronger, braver and better. Never forget that He will never give us anything we cannot handle and He sure knows what's best for us. If we change a bit of our perspective, welcome the sudden transition, lower our pride, have a positive mindset, accept our mistakes, and believe in Him - we are definitely going to the right path of our journey called life. 

Photography by Erika Occena

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