Saturday, June 3, 2017

After a quite some time of not posting, here I am back at it again with a new post entitled - Life Lately. Months passed, a lot has happened, and there's just too much going on in my journey that I cannot wait to share with you all, so expect this to be a lengthy one!

I had a lot of shoots that took place in the past three months, and here are just some of the outtakes! I was planning to post these shoots separately, but laziness ruled over me. 

The photo on the left side, which reminds me of Moana was taken mid of March. The off-shoulder top I was wearing costs 100 bucks only! Can you believe it? Yep, me either. 

The next shoot I had was posted already- Dauntless, but it was followed by the pastel colored slash Hawaiian inspired shoot I had during our college fair. It has got to be one of my effortless shoots since I loved the makeup I was wearing, which also helped me to boost my confidence. 
Ironically speaking, my face cannot be seen closely on the photo I included. 

Can I just say how much I loved the last shoot I had? It is by far my most favorite shoot. My statement shirt complemented the whole look I was opting for and every thing just matches- location, sunnies, angles and outfit! 

Starting it with the latest- Village Tavern. I ordered Cowboy Burger and Vanilla Milkshake. The Cowboy Burger tastes good, but it somewhat reminds me of 8 Cuts'! We also ordered Black Pizza and it tastes like heaven. It was my first time trying a different colored pizza which lived up to my expectations. Village Tavern also serves unlimited colored Nachos- so it's nacho typical appetizer. #wit 
We also dined at Texas Roadhouse which is also under The Bistro Group, located beside Conrad Hotel. I was not able to capture the food we ordered, because our tummies were growling already. But the food was also great! 

Yellow Cab's New York Pizza, need I say more? Words are not enough for me to explain how much I love pizzas. 

My dad's hometown is situated near Tagaytay, and every time we went home, we don't usually do tourist-y things, but just stay in our grandma's house or drop by at Starbucks to order Mocha frappe. But aside those, it is our first time dining in at Bag of Beans, which has a lot of branches just in Tagaytay alone. Thank God, my parents planned to have an early dinner for the celebration of my sister's birthday, and she ordered a stacked of Chocolate Chip Pancakes which was too sweet, she was not able to finish it all. I ordered Lasagna and milk shake  AGAIN. 

Started from the bottom. now we're here! College life was never that easy compared to what I thought it was back in high school. Free cuts, long breaks, different schedules- were just some of the ideas of how good life it was, but it all changed when I started freshman year. My perspective and expectations changed alongside with the year I'm in. Sophomore and Junior year was two different battles we never knew we will face. No sleeps, all-nighters, zombie modes, Kopiko nights, and "Kaya pa ba?" were our dilemma, but little did we know, Senior year was incomparable. It was the make it, or break it stage. The moment wherein we needed to work our asses off so we could pass and graduate all together. Working on our thesis made us realize that we're about to be set off to the new chapter in our lives, but it was also our ticket to graduation. Every one experienced breakdowns, fights, arguments and every thing that you could think of because of the stress and pressure.

But here we are, we made it. I made it. You made it! Graduating in college is definitely one of the best feelings in the world. It's a mixture of joy, loneliness, excitement and scared for what will happen next. Clueless we may be, I know we'll be able to achieve our little aspirations, into something bigger than we have expected. You just have to hang in there, you little one. 

Puerto Galera, Caleruega Church, Pampanga and Subic were the places we have visited in the past months. Mind you, our Puerto Galera trip was unplanned. Very unplanned. My aunt suddenly told us, "Tara, Puerto Galera tayo!" and that was the start. The long drive from Manila to Batangas was so boring, that we ended up eating the food we brought. We rode a boat from Batangas Port to Puerto Galera, and it took us about an hour and a half to arrive. The beach was crowded. From afar, you can see how much people are in the shoreline, that it makes me want to go to Batangas instead. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our stay there. It was a new environment for me since there were a lot of foreigners, different from those I've experienced and observed in Bora. The water was also clear, but there were small jellyfishes around, or some creature that bit us. Overall, it's a memory to treasure. 

Caleruega Church in Nasugbu, Batangas. The road was rugged and rough so it was a challenge going to the church, but all for God, right? When we arrived, we had to pay Php 30 for the entrance, since the visitation is only free when a mass is being held. The environment was just so beautiful, It was filled with trees and the view at the back of the church was indescribable. I felt like it was one of the views that you can see on other countries. Hoping they would be able to preserve it that way. 

Up North!! Our recent trip to Pampanga and Subic was so fun. We never get to do road trips or exploring other cities because of some matters, but thankfully we were able to achieve what we've been planning for a year now. When we went to Angeles, Pampanga, we tried Aling Lucing Pampanga's Best Sisig! The Sisig was delicious, but it was nothing compared to my Mom's version of Sisig (and many can attest to it.) After having our breakfast, we had an unplanned trip to Subic. Yes, major road trip. It has been so long since the last time I went there, so I didn't expect for it to be a semi-long drive. The scenery along SCTEX was so damn beautiful. I was just in awe and can't stop praising the Lord's creation. He sure is a great one! I won't making this North trip long anymore because I have a vlog about this trip, which I will be posting anytime soon! 

I totally missed sharing and blogging my thoughts, memories and journey. As I'm in a break, I'd like to be more active as much as possible and not laziness rule over me. 
I also have a YouTube Channel, and please do watch some of my videos, like and subscribe! Thank you for reading my longest post, and hoping you enjoyed reading it, as much as I was drafting it. 

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