Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Purchasing my own domain has got to be one of the best decisions in my life,

I have been blogging for almost 3 years now and I did not imagine owning a domain this early. I expected this to be a little later since this needs to be maintained from time to time, but look at me, all smiles and the happiest I could be this year. 

Blogging has helped me connect to other people, learn and improve myself and skills. This has been an outlet for unleashing the creativity within, personal experiences and my sartorial ideas. The usage of thesaurus bolstered me to have an idea on what to call my blog, which is Sparkling Blossom. The word sparkling means to shine or glisten with little gleams of light, as a brilliant gem; glitter; coruscate. While the word blossom means to flourish; develop. Combining those two words, I ended up with the explanation of, being able to develop and enhance my skills, and give light to other people through this blog! 

This may not be one of the #goals or wish-I-could-be-her blog, but this is something I've been proud of doing for the past three years. I've helped some people through my posts and had the capability of helping those who are in need (Read or watch it here.) Hoping I would be able to help more people in the future and broaden this blogging instrument of mine. 

Being true to yourself and being true to others is definitely one of the best reminders that would help you succeed in life. I don't believe in "fake it 'til you make it," because there will come a time when you needed to show your true colors. Also, being able to show the real you will surely take you to places you have never imagined.

Can't express how happy I am for finally having my own domain! It may be petty to some, but I've been wanting to own one since God knows when. The saying "In God's time" was my thought when I had this domain activated. Thank you, Ayne for helping me manage my domain!
I CAN FINALLY SAY "Visit to read my latest posts!"


  1. Congratulations for having your new domain Bianca! :) Proud of you! :)-Lyca Diesta

    1. Thank you so much, Ms. Lyca :) I'm trying to achieve my goals one by one!


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