Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Travel, Subic, Philippines
It's easy to travel, but to those people, who's having a dilemma planning and packing here's a sure tip for you! 

Traveling and seeing the world, plus experiencing a variety of culture is surely one of our goals in life. But before traveling and having a good time,
a stressful phase comes first. Below are some tips and essentials that I swear by. 

1. Plan ahead of time
Planning is key to everything we do and is definitely the best way to get around accomplishing things. Planning where to go and what to bring is easier being said, than done. From a variety of beautiful places, culture, and delicious food being posted on Facebook daily- it surely is a hard time choosing on where to go next! But, let not those posts affect your decisions. Travel where you've always wanted to be! Weigh your options and check the budget, before booking. 

2. Promos, promos, promos! 
I'm pretty sure you are aware with the travel ads or promos that are being shared in Facebook, and why not check it out? If you are on a budget, looking for a place to stay in, or figuring out on which to visit first, these travel agencies will help you on whatever your dilemma is! Recently, a travel expo took place at SMX in MoA, and they offer a wide range of services for all sorts of budget and itinerary. Contact a travel agency and  know more regarding your inquiries. 

3. Plan and pack
If you're done planning and booking a flight, the next step and a challenging one is to pack. If you're someone who loves taking outfit photos, or just want to slay those Instagrammable travel shots, make sure to also plan on what to bring!! Pack light is what they always say, but for me who have this certain problem all the time, still finds it very challenging especially if I want to bring my whole closet. 
My solution for this is to plan on what to wear. Whenever I'm visiting another place or country, I always check the itinerary first and list down what outfit (and pose) suits the location. Imagine yourself being in that place and ask, "ano ba bagay dito?" If  you already have an idea, note it down! Make sure to include closet ensembles just in case. 

4. Essentials
It's always preferred to travel when you are ready. So when traveling out of town or country, be sure to have a small first-aid kit, power bank, extra necessities and can't-leave-without or holy grail products. Have a checklist just to make sure you didn't forget anything. 

5. Plan, pack, and go!
Now that everything is set, the only tip I have is for you to enjoy, immerse and indulge. Leave all the worries and stress behind, have a good time and make it memorable. Some of us isn't gifted with a lot of free times, budget or any other option, so make that count! Take a lot of photos or videos as much as you can, so you have something to look and laugh back as time goes by.

In line with these tips, I will be leaving yet again, this end of July. We're heading to a country where chewing gum is banned, cleanliness is surreal, distinctive infrastructure, has the best airport, and known as the Lion City. Have an idea? Good! Hoping these tips could help you anytime soon. So, how about you, where are you going next? 


  1. I love your blogggg

    1. Wow, thank you so much!! This made me flattered :) Have a great day!

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