Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Stay Positive

This is your dose of positivity and inspiration for today! 

Looking back at where I am now, I believe I was able to achieve some of my aspirations in life - finish school, earn my own money, work as a freelancer,
make brands trust me, travel and etc. These things I have mentioned boils down to a specific word which is, passion. 


Finding what you are passionate about isn't easy as 1, 2, 3. For some, they were able to identify what their passion was since they were a kid! As for me, I've learned that writing was my passion when I joined an essay writing contest out of the blue during grade school. From then on, I got encouraged by my dad to write more.

 It has been how many years since I've been writing articles and blog posts, and now, as a Marketing graduate, I was able to write contents for e-mail marketing, digital blog posts for brands, and contact a variety of social media influencers just like what I did during my internship last year. Little by little, I know I will be able to reach and achieve more, by the help of people who will guide, support, and teach my way around the journey through life. 

So if you are still clueless on what your passion is, it is never too late to try, learn and experiment on the different things around you. Never stop and do take a rest. It takes time and effort to learn what you really want to do. If you have failed, just try again, until you can master that passion of yours. 

Also, those who already has an idea of what their passion is, continue doing your thing. Don't let other people's judgment or opinion, bring you down. You are strong and wonderfully made by the Lord. Never stop learning and have an open-mind on the different possibilities that might occur. Practice more and enhance that skill, you will never know what that passion can do! It might be the reason why you'll be successful or known in the future. 

You may be able to identify what your passion is, or not - never forget to say thank you and appreciate the people who have mentored and molded to who you are now! Keep in mind to have a grateful heart despite the bad times, do not forget to look back and put that feet on the ground always. Happy Wednesday! 

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